For nearly 90 years, Glow-worm has been building robust, dependable and highly efficient boilers and controls to provide British families with the warmth and hot water they require, when they require it. Our products are designed for homes that are meant to be lived in rather than just looked at. We provide that warm glow that keeps everyone glowing, whether it’s a hot shower after football practise or toasty socks straight off the radiator.

We are proud of our British heritage, having begun producing boilers in 1934 at the Derwent Foundry in Derbyshire, where we still reside today in the lively town of Belper. We devote all of our efforts to assisting British heating engineers in remaining glowing so that they can keep Britain’s homes glowing. This drive has propelled us to the top of the heating manufacturing industry in the UK today.

To honour our proud British heritage, we have recently been awarded the ‘Made in Britain’ label on our Energy, Ultimate, and Easicom boiler lines. Made in Britain is an officially registered trademark that unites the British manufacturing community. It is a non-profit organisation that assists in the identification and certification of British-made products.

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