Remeha Boilers is a leading provider of quality propane and gas condensing boilers in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1923, Remeha has nearly a century of experience in providing highquality, efficient, and lowcost solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential heating needs. Remeha boilers are built with quality components and feature electronic controls for precise temperature settings. Remeha boilers are also ISO 9001 and CE certified, enabling them to meet the highest levels of standard in manufacturing and safety assurance. Remeha‘s comprehensive line of condensing boilers use a secondary heat exchange system to capture energy from the exhaust gases, allowing the boilers to be more efficient than regular gas or propane boilers. Remeha has developed its own special technology called iSense, which allows for automatic adjustments to be made in order to maintain the safest and most efficient levels of operation. Thanks to its innovative design and technology, Remeha boilers can achieve up to 95% efficiency. This high efficiency reduces energy costs by up to 20% compared to non condensing boilers and ensures that the boiler is running as efficiently as possible to provide adequate heating. In addition, Remeha boilers are designed for low emissions, making them a more environmentally friendly choice. Remeha boilers come with a comprehensive array of features, including integrated controls, an LCD display for easy navigation and setup, and an automatic selfpurging system. Remeha also offers a wide range of warranty options and an extended service contract that covers parts and labor for the full lifetime of the boiler. Remeha boilers are a trusted choice for residential and commercial applications alike, offering quality, efficiency, and peace of mind.

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