Saunier Duval

Saunier Duval is a brand of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions that is owned by the Spanish multinational group, Ferroli. The brand has been a leader in the European HVAC industry since its inception in 1958 and is now present on the global stage, having offices in China, the U.S.A, India, and more. The company has always strived to offer the best quality and innovative products that meet the constantly evolving needs of their customers. For this they have focused on technological development, keeping up to date with industry trends and introducing solutions that use very low levels of energy, thus helping to reduce the environmental impact of the products they manufacture. In addition, the company is committed to providing its customers with reliable and longlasting products by backing them up with a comprehensive aftersales service and technical assistance. The product range of Saunier Duval includes solutions for both residential and commercial users. All their HVAC solutions can operate with different types of energy sources like gas, oil and electricity, so users can select the option which best fits their requirements. Some of the most popular products they offer are air conditioners, gas and oil boilers, solar and geothermal

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