Salmson pumps is a French manufacturer of pumps and related components since 1890. Salmson pumps are renowned for their quality and reliability and are used in a variety of applications, ranging from domestic water supply to water and wastewater treatment plants. The company has been a leader in the installation of pumps and pumping systems in residential and commercial buildings for over a century. Salmson offers a complete range of pumps and components, including centrifugal pumps, electric motors, air compressors, and related peripheral and ancillary products. The company offers pumps for residential and commercial applications, including irrigation, water supply, fire protection, drainage, water treatment, sewage treatment, and more. In addition, Salmson is also a leading supplier of solar pumping systems to both residential and commercial locations. The quality of Salmson pumps has made them one of the top manufacturers in the industry. The companys pumps are designed to be durable, reliable, and energyefficient. They are tested and certified by leading organizations, such as the European Union and Bureau Veritas. In addition, Salmson makes sure to have their products tested and certified by Bureau Veritas every year. Salmsons pumps come with a variety of features, such as energy efficient models, increased pressure/flow, and low noise and vibration levels. Salmson pumps are also designed to meet the requirements of both domestic and commercial applications, making them suitable for any pumping situation.

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