179032 Ideal Gas Valve Kit 24V

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All our refurbished products come with 12 months warranty.

We sell original heating parts. Our engineers fully refurbish parts to the highest standard and test them. So, buy with confidence.

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Manufacturer Part Number: 179032


179032 Ideal Gas Valve Kit 24V

This 179032 Ideal Gas Valve Kit 24V is a fully refurbished part taken from a completely functioning boiler. The quality of the product is assured as all our products are refurbished to the highest standard and quality checked by our experienced engineering team. However, the product might have slight cosmetic marks as it is a part of a used boiler. All our refurbished products come with 12 months warranty.

We sell original heating parts. Our engineers fully refurbish parts to the highest standard and test them. So, buy with confidence.

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This part fits the following boilers:

Fits Appliance(s) GC No.
Atlantic Combi 24 47-349-81
Atlantic Combi 30 47-349-82
Atlantic Combi 35 47-349-83
Classic 2 Combi 24 47-349-71
Classic 2 Combi 30 47-349-72
Classic 2 Combi 35 47-349-73
I Combi 2 24 47-349-74
I Combi 2 30 47-349-75
I Combi 2 35 47-349-76
I Mini C24 47-349-30
I Mini C30 47-349-31
Independent Combi 24 47-349-24
Independent Combi 30 47-349-25
Independent Combi 35 47-349-26
24 Combi ESP1 47-349-21
30 Combi ESP1 47-349-22
35 Combi ESP1 47-349-23
Code Combi ESP1 26 47-349-35
Code Combi ESP1 33 47-349-36
Code Combi ESP1 38 47-349-37
Combi C 24 47-349-18
Combi C 30 47-349-19
Combi C 35 47-349-20
Logic + Combi C24 47-349-15
Logic + Combi C30 47-349-16
Logic + Combi C35 47-349-17
Logic + Heat H 12 41-750-82
Logic + Heat H 15 41-750-83
Logic + Heat H 18 41-750-84
Logic + Heat H 24 41-750-85
Logic + Heat H 30 41-750-86
Logic + System S15 41-750-65
Logic + System S18 41-750-66
Logic + System S24 41-750-67
Logic + System S30 41-750-68
Logic Combi C24IE 47-349-44
Logic Combi C30IE 47-349-45
Logic Combi C35IE 47-349-46
Logic Heat H 12 41-750-77
Logic Heat H 15 41-750-78
Logic Heat H 18 41-750-79
Logic Heat H 24 41-750-80
Logic Heat H 30 41-750-81
Logic Heat H12IE 41-750-92
Logic Heat H15IE 41-750-93
Logic Heat H18IE 41-750-94
Logic Heat H24IE 41-750-95
Logic Heat H30IE 41-750-96
Logic System S15IE 41-750-73
Logic System S18IE 41-750-74
Logic System S24IE 41-750-75
Logic System S30IE 41-750-76

MAX Combi C C24

MAX Combi C C30 47-349-57
MAX Combi C C35 47-349-58
MAX Heat H 12 41-796-17
MAX Heat H 15 41-796-18
MAX Heat H 18 41-796-19
MAX Heat H 24 41-796-20
MAX Heat H 30 41-796-21
MAX System S 15 41-796-13
MAX System S 18 41-796-14
MAX System S 24 41-796-15
MAX System S 30 41-796-16
System S 15 41-750-61
System S 18 41-750-62
System S 24 41-750-63
System S 30 41-750-64
Ideal Morco GB24 LPG
Ideal Morco GB30 LPG
Morco GB24 (Series 111) GB24 (SERIES 111)
Morco GB30 (Series 111) GB30 (SERIES 111)
Ultra + Combi 30 47-002-03
Ultra + Combi 35 47-002-04
Ultra + System 15 41-002-05
Ultra + System 18 41-002-06
Ultra + System 24 41-002-07
Ultra + System 30 41-002-08
Keston Keston C30 Combi 47-930-03
Keston Keston C35 Combi 47-930-08
Keston System S 30 41-930-45

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Ideal Boilers is one of the leading boiler brands in the UK. Its products have been manufactured in their Derbyshire-based factory for over 90 years, and they boast a wide range of products and styles to fit any home and budget. From traditional combi boilers to the most cutting-edge system boilers, Ideal offers something for everyone. The company was founded in 1906 and is known for its commitment to quality products and customer service. Ideal was an early innovator in the boiler industry, and has made significant advancements throughout its history. They pioneered the "Combi" boiler initially in the late 1950s, which allows for both hot water and central heating from the same boiler. Since then, they've continued to develop new technologies that maximize efficiency and minimize emissions. In the last 10 years, Ideal has become one of the most popular boiler brands in the UK, winning numerous awards for their reliability, innovation, and quality. Ideal is committed to providing an unbeatable range of options and intuitive controls, making it easy for customers to find the right boiler for their needs. All their boilers are available with a selection of services, such as timing and temperature control, as well as an integrated humidity and pressure monitor. For added peace of mind, the company offers a full warranty from an accredited installer, helping customers feel extra secure with their choice. Ideal has worked hard to become one of the leading boiler brands in the UK. With an impressive range of products, years of experience, and a commitment to excellence, customers can trust that they will get the quality and performance they need from their Ideal boiler.
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