Worcester Greenstar 15I Heat Exchanger 87161157410

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The Worcester Greenstar 15I Heat Exchanger is a durable and corrosion-resistant component of a gas-fired system boiler designed for domestic use.Fully refurbished and comes with 12 months warranty.

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Manufacturer Part Number: 87161157400


Worcester Greenstar 15I Heat Exchanger 87161157410

The Worcester Greenstar 15I Heat Exchanger 87161157410 is a component of a gas-fired system boiler designed for domestic use. It allows for heat transfer from the combustion chamber to the water that circulates the central heating and hot water system. This heat exchanger features a stainless steel construction that ensures durability and resistance to corrosion. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to install and service. The 87161157410 model number guarantees compatibility with Worcester Greenstar 15I boilers.

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This part fits the following boilers:

Fits Appliance(s) GC No.
Greenstar 12 i System 41-311-67
Greenstar 12 i System LPG 41-311-69
Greenstar 15 i System 41-311-84
Greenstar 15 i System LPG 41-311-85
Greenstar 18 i System 41-311-86
Greenstar 18 i System LPG 41-311-87
Greenstar 24 i System 41-311-68
Greenstar 24 i System LPG 41-311-70
Greenstar 24 i Junior HE 47-311-86
Greenstar 24 i Junior HE LPG 47-311-90
Greenstar 24 i Junior HE Mk5 2013 NG/LPG – 47-406-54
Greenstar 28 I Junior HE 47-311-87
Greenstar 28 I Junior HE LPG 47-311-91
Greenstar 28 I Junior HE MK5 2013 NG/LPG – 47-406-56
Greenstar 12 RI HE 41-311-63
Greenstar 12 RI HE LPG 41-311-64
Greenstar 15 RI HE 41-311-75
Greenstar 15 RI HE LPG 41-311-76
Greenstar 18 RI HE 41-311-77
Greenstar 18 RI HE LPG 41-311-78
Greenstar 24 RI HE 41-311-65
Greenstar 24 RI HE LPG 41-311-66
Greenstar 12RI ERP+ LPG 41-406-69 (7733600301)
Greenstar 12RI ERP+ NG 41-406-75 (7733600307)
Greenstar 15RI ERP+ LPG 41-406-70 (7733600302)
Greenstar 15RI ERP+ NG 41-406-76 (7733600308)
Greenstar 18RI ERP+ LPG 41-406-71 (7733600303)
Greenstar 18RI ERP+ NG 41-406-77 (7733600309)
Greenstar 21RI ERP+ LPG 41-406-72 (7733600304)
Greenstar 21RI ERP+ NG 41-406-78 (7733600310)
Greenstar 24RI ERP+ LPG 41-406-73 (7733600305)
Greenstar 24RI ERP+ NG 41-406-79 (7733600311)
Greenstar 9RI ERP+ LPG 41-406-68 (7733600300)
Greenstar 9RI ERP+ NG 41-406-74 (7733600306)
Greenstar 25 Si 47-311-84
Greenstar 25 Si LPG 47-311-88
Greenstar 30 Si 47-311-85
Greenstar 30 Si LPG 47-311-89


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