Baxi Grundfos 230V UPS 15-50 AO AC BC Combi 80 105 Boiler Pump 248042 97948280


Fully Refurbished
Tested and approved by our engineers#
12 months warranty

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Manufacturer Part Number: 248042


BAXI GRUNDFOS 230V UPS 15-50 AO AC BC COMBI 105 80 BOILER PUMP 248042 97948280

This is a fully refurbished part taken from a completely functioning boiler. The quality of the product is assured as all our products are refurbished to the highest standard and quality checked by our experienced engineering team. However, the product might have slight cosmetic marks as it is a part of a used boiler. All our refurbished products come with 12 months warranty.

We sell original heating parts. Our engineers fully refurbish parts to the highest standard and test them. So, buy with confidence.

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Manufacturer: Baxi
Manufacturer Code: 248042
Part Type: Pump


This Item Fits:

105 HE A Instant  – 47-075-50
Combi 105E  – 47-075-08
Combi 105HE  – 47-075-18
Combi Instant 105 E  – 47-075-09
Combi Instant 105E HE  – 47-075-19
Combi Instant 80E HE  – 47-075-17
Duo Tec 24 HE  – 47-075-23
Duo Tec 24 HE A (After Serial No. BTG0815 Issue 9)  – 47-075-35
Duo Tec 24 HE A (Before Serial No. BTG0815 Issue 9)  – 47-075-35 BEFORE
Duo Tec 28 HE  – 47-075-25


BAXI GRUNDFOS 230V UPS 15-50 AO AC BC COMBI 105 80 BOILER PUMP 248042 97948280

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